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  • Microsoft Word
  • AutoCorrect Options Smart Tags
  • Name, Address, and Date Smart Tags
  • Mail Merge (Task Pane)
  • Word Count Toolbar
  • Reveal Formatting (Task Pane)
  • Styles and Formatting (Task Pane) Multi-
  • selection
  • Clear Formatting
  • Send as Email
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Error Checking Smart Tag
  • Watch Window
  • Function Argument Tooltips
  • Formula Evaluator
  • Formula Auditing Toolbar
  • Tab Colours
  • Link Management
  • Extended AutoSum
  • Function Wizard
  • Microsoft Office XP Conversion

    This course is for people who use Microsoft Office and are converting to Microsoft Office xp. The course will help you get the most from your new software. This course is not designed for people who are not familiar with the topics in an earlier version.

    Fill out Microsoft Office Pre-Course Questionnaire

    If you would like to have a course customised for your organisation, please contact us.
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