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You will be able to Develop, plan, and schedule project information, manage resource workloads and expenses and use Gantt and Network diagrams to understand project relationships and dependencies.
  • Effectively manage tasks within multiple projects
  • Scheduling projects
  • Allocating resources and budgets
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  • Consolidate Setup of New Project System
  • Set up Calendars for Project System
  • Tools and Options, Build a Project Schedule
  • Link Tasks, Resources and Costs
  • Constraints & Dependencies with Drag and Drop Techniques
  • Define and Assign Resources and Variable Costs
  • Optimise Resource Usage and Conflicts
  • Modify & Update Projects
  • Alternative Updates to the Project Schedule
  • Modify the Baseline
  • Delay Project Phases
  • Consolidate Multiple Projects
  • Link and Level across Several Projects
  • Cross Project Critical Path
  • Customise Status Views and Reports
  • Views, Graphical Indicators
  • Reports, the Organiser
  • Exchanging Data, Workgroup
  • Collaborative Tracking, Timesheet
  • How to Use what You’ve Learnt
  • Microsoft Project Level 2

    Microsoft Project is a project management programme that helps you plan and manage projects, recording the time, resources and money used and noting any variations from the original plan.

    Microsoft Project training courses are available at our state of the art training centre in Dublin City Centre or we are happy to travel to your company premises anywhere in Ireland.

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    If you would like to have a course customised for your organisation, please contact us.
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