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  • Relational Database & SQL Introduction:
  • Concept of Normalization
  • Referential Integrity & the Set Based Nature of SQL
  • Simple Selects:
  • Column Lists
  • Calculations & Aliases
  • Distinct Keyword & Standard Functions
  • Restrict Rows with the Where Block
  • Copy with Nulls
  • Use Multiple Tables:
  • Inner & Outer Joins
  • Differences between SQL-89 & SQL-92 Syntax
  • Self Joins
  • Group & Summarise Data:
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Group & the Having Clause
  • Subqueries:
  • Simple Subqueries & the More Complex Correlated Subqueries
  • Performance Issues & Alternative Strategies to Use Subqueries
  • Exists & Not Exists
  • Microsoft SQL

    This course is for people who want to extend their use of SQL beyond SQL generators found in products like Microsoft Access, programmers who want to embed SQL in their code or programmers who intend to go on to writing stored procedures and other database objects.

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