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Do you have what it takes to make a success of your own business?


Thousands of businesses are started every year, but after two years, 80 per cent of them are no longer trading. Franchise businesses are different. After two years, 90 per cent of them are still trading.

Over the past seven years, Bua Training have created a powerful business model, delivering IT training courses and consultancy to blue-chip corporate clients in Dublin. Despite tough market conditions, where many competitors have left the market, Bua has grown by 20 - 30 per cent per year.

This is a unique chance to build a high-value business with low startup capital. We keep costs low by developing systems that automate much of our work, and we win and keep clients by consistently delivering very high quality services.

Now we want to continue our growth, and we are looking for a suitable partners to begin a franchise with exclusive rights in other areas. The right partner will receive a ready-to-go business, including:


  • Full training on how to run the business
  • Strong corporate branding
  • A specially-developed IT system that manages every aspect of the business
  • A website linked live to the IT system to deliver high-value information to your customers
  • Tried-and-tested procedures to make your business work like clockwork
  • Expert-written exclusive training materials, including training manuals, course plans and other value-added items for your customers
  • Sales leads for clients who know Bua Training already
  • Detailed advice on choosing a location, dealing with suppliers and other decisions for your business
  • Automated marketing to win customers, and keep them coming back


All this goes with with a low start-up cost, low running costs and continuing support and development of business practices.

You just need to supply the enthusiasm. If you think you've got it, get in touch.

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